Sublime Text 3 Tips

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 min read

I've been using Sublime Text 3 for probably five years now and in that time I've discovered tons of useful tricks.

I figured I should start writing them down for anyone who might be interested.

I'll try to explain the bits that seem esoteric because there are a lot of cool commands which only work in certain contexts.

Package Control

Package Control makes it extremely easy to manage your Sublime packages. Also helps with discovering new ones, which is nice.

Goto Anything...

So you want to fly around your project super fast? Then the shortcut you want is CMD+P.\ Once you've opened the dialog try typing a filename.

If you preface what you're typing with a @ it will look for "symbols" in the current file.

Ex: @foobar. But just typing @ will give you a nice file outline. The definition of what a symbol is depends on the file-type. In a Markdown file, for instance, it will list every header. In a JavaScript or Ruby file it will list every method of an object.

One last trick. If instead of an @ you preface things with an : you can type a line number instead and hit enter to jump to that point. Ex: :415

There are other keyboard shortcuts for jumping to a line and going to a symbol but why bother when you can just use CMD+P and some easy prefixing.


There are some neat selections which come in handy depending on your context.\ Personally I use Expand Selection to Tag, CMD+SHIFT+A quite frequently when writing HTML. I also use Expand Selection to Line, CMD+L and Expand Selection to Word, CMD+D a lot.