Awesome things

Here they are, the tools I use for my workday.


MacBook Pro (13-inch, M2, 2022)Apple M2, 16 GB

Monitor Samsung 28"UR55 IPS 28" 4K UHD 16:9 60Hz FreeSync

iPadA12 Bionic, 3GB/ 128GB

Magic Mouse 2I love the gestures and precision you get with a real mouse.

Magic Trackpad 2Recently I bought to tested and I love it.

Magic Keyboard Apple keyboard without a number pad, to ease change between external keyboard and Mac keyboard.

AirPods 2Powered by the Apple H1 headphone chip, AirPods deliver a faster and more stable wireless connection.


Sublime Text 4Most productive text editing.

Sublime MergeFast client Git, integration with Sublime Text.

Meetio ThemeAdaptive theme with bunch of possibles customization.

iTerm2Beautiful terminal, with a lot of possible customization.

Spaceship ZSHPowerful and extremely customizable ZSH prompt.

FigAmazing autocomplete for terminal.

Sequel ProFor all my MySQL stuff.

ChromeBest browser ever, with powerful development tools.

GitHubSwitch from Bitbucket to GitHub as soon as they made the possibility of having free private repositories available.


Affinity DesignerFastest photo editing and graphic design.

FigmaCross-platform fast and powerful, amazing collaboration tool.

SVGOMGAwesome for quickly optimizing SVGs.

ImageOptimGreat for optimizing raster images like PNG, JPEG without losing quality.

GifskiConvert videos in Highest-quality GIF, with UI interface and also CLI.


AlfredFor many years I used Spotlight to open applications, but I feel the need to have something that does more, such as opening web pages, executing commands...

RaycastMove to Raycast because of the beautiful UI and awesome extensions.

BetterSnapToolI use external monitor, that tool help me to manage window with simple shortcuts and gestures.

Google DriveWhere I save all my important files

NotionAwesome to write notes and organize my daily-works.


NamecheapFor all my personal projects who require PHP and MySQL.

VercelFor my static sites. Easy configuration, fast deployment and huge performance.

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